Cool and Interesting VPS Uses to Have Fun With

We all know that VPS and other types of hostings are the best if you want to run a website. But it does not necessarily mean that it can be only used for that. The server is just a special PC so you can use it instead of one right? Well, the answer is yes and no. After sorting this out we show you some great VPS uses.

Differences between a server and a PC

What to do with a VPS hosting? First, let’s see the core differences between a server and a PC. Servers are made for long-term operation and stability. The hardware inside them has the best quality components (that is not necessary for a PC) and most of the components are hot-swappable (you can change it during operation).

what to do with a vpsThe server ment to be running 24/7 all day of the year. This means the parts are need to be reliable and be more power efficient. If we take the CPU for example: desktop CPUs usually have higher clock speeds and can be overclocked. On the other side server CPUs have more cores on lower core speeds and consumes less power.

Of course there are special functions that are only available on server grade hardware (think of ECC memory). But these differences are not only found inside the cases/racks, but also around them. Servers have redundant power supplies, redundant network connection and many more. All of this so it can run all the time no matter what happens and this is why it’s ideal for hosting websites.

Creating E-mail server or storing your personal data

The first thing you can do usually comes with your hosting plan, but not necessarily. A mail server, to manage your business and personal e-mails without a third-party. The next thing you could do is store and sync your personal data.

We all know there are some great solutions like Dropbox, but your data is on their servers in that case. If you rent a server and store your data on it, it will be safer if you store it yourself. Usually, the fact that you are not at a big company makes you less vulnerable, because you are less likely to be targeted.

You can store your films and music on the server as well and turn it into a big streaming experience. Download and store your favorites and watch them whenever you feel like. You want to make secure calls, and don’t want to use a third party program for it? You can run a VOIP service of your choosing.

Advanced usage

If you are a developer you can create an isolated environment inside the server to run and test your codes. This will allow you to safely try out your functions in a simulated environment. Researchers can also greatly benefit from renting a server. Imagine running a long simulation that calculates for days.

vps usesIt can be really scary if for example your 5 day simulation is going for 4 and a half day and the cleaning lady pulls the extension cord that leads to your computer. There are even hosting solutions that allow you to rent servers for days and pay daily. This way you can be efficient and do not need to buy expensive hardware that is able to handle the load.

Of course, there are a lot more options to use your server for, the limit is only your imagination. The question is will it be worth running on a server. If you choose things that need to be running a long time uninterrupted or all the time it can be much safer to do it on a server.


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