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VPS.NET was founded in 2009 as part of UK2Group. VPS.NET is a leading cloud services provider offering services to over 10000 clients over more than 180 countries. Since then VPS.NET has continued to upgrade and improve and now providing hosting in 22 countries all over the globe.

Today UK2Group provides services for over 1.000.000 customers, across its 7 brands. The VPS.NET support team is working in four offices in Logan, Utah, London, England, Kochin, India and L’viv, Ukraine. As their name says they only offer VPS plans in the form of SSD VPS and cloud VPS hosting.

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In their cloud VPS plans You can choose from 1 node with 1 CPU core, 0,5 GB of RAM and 10 GB of storage for $17/month and you can go up to 16 nodes with 8 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM and 160 GB of storage. You can upgrade the plans with a Power Pack for $10/month to double your RAM, get unlimited bandwidth and receive „Server Density” monitoring.

You can freely add or remove any nodes to your server at any time without downtime or reboot. Set up auto-scaling if you need to handle spikes in performance. You can add your rules for auto-scaling so it doesn’t exceed your budget. For operating systems you can choose from CentOS (cPanel optional), Ubuntu and Windows. Improved security in the cloud helps your server to still maintain operation when there is a hardware failure.

With the impressive 24 data centers in 5 continents allows you to choose the closest location to you. Please note that not all features and services may be available in every location. In default these servers are unmanaged but you can get two types of management (Server Monitoring and Monitoring + Configuration) if you pay a little extra.


If you want a non-cloud solution you can choose from the VPS0.5GB plan with 1 core CPU, 0.5 GB Ram and 20 GB SSD storage for $5/month and you can upgrade up to the VPS16GB plan with 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM and 400 GB SSD storage for $192/month. For the operating systems you can choose from CentOS (cPanel optional), Ubuntu and Windows.

Just as in the cloud VPS plans you can choose from 2 level of management (Server Monitoring or Monitoring & Configuration) if you pay a little extra however you get full root access regardless the level of management.

There are a bit few data center locations with the SSD VPS plans. There are 8 locations in the U.S., two in Canada, and one in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. SSD storage allows the users to reach the data lightning fast. You will enjoy free SSL certificates and 24/7 professional support with any of the plans.

Datacenters and Support

Their data centers are spread across the globe, unfortunately, the VPS SSD plans are not available in all of them (Check their website for more information). They have data centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; New York City; Phoenix, Arizona; San Jose, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington, and Washington DC. Outside of the U.S. You can have your server in Montreal, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Sao Paolo, Brazil; London, England; Manchester, England; Harlem, Netherlands; Paris, France; Frankfurt, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; New Delhi, India and Sydney, Australia.

All of their data centers received tier 3 classification, have redundant power and network connections and protected 24/7. If you need help along the way you can reach their support over email, phone, live chat or you can browse their knowledgebase. Their reviews says that they improved a lot over the years and definitely worth trying out.

In this VPS.NET review, we found that they offer a lot of plans to choose from in almost any part of the world. On the negative side they had some stability issues.

We are participating in VPS.NET’s affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our VPS.NET review.

  • Excellent geographical coverage
  • Lot of plans to choose from
  • Nice features
  • Stability issues in the past, but improved greatly since
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