When to upgrade your server as your website grows?

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You don’t know when to upgrade your server as your website grows? Let us help you. Most websites launch using a Shared Hosting option. It is the cheapest, the easiest to manage and requires little knowledge to maintain. But if your website grows, there will be a time when you need to upgrade. There are a lot of options for you to choose from.


What to monitor and look for before switching to VPS.

1, Heavy Traffic

Your website grows, more and more people view your site and use it. The traffic of your site will grow, maybe your provider sends you a notification that you are using too much of one of your resources. The host notification is the last thing, watch your traffic and load times, time to upgrade.

If loading a website takes too long the users will simply leave it without reading a line. As various surveys unveils, more than half of the users leave a website if it loads for more than 2 seconds. If your website is slow the users won’t recommend it to their friends or even complain about it. Don’t wait to the last second to upgrade, you might loose users waiting.

2, Reliability and security

You had some issues with your website, or just simply want more advanced security options (SSH for example) or monitoring capabilities, it might be the time to upgrade. Also if you are using a shared hosting plan other users on the same server can cause you some trouble.

If you are next to a user with a big website, that is handling a lot of traffic you will feel it too. In shared hosting, the system resources are not separated, and in case of a traffic spike of a server, the “neighboring” servers could not receive enough resources to function properly.

3, Better server root access/control

Once you will reach the point where you will need more advanced options  of controlling your server (installing custom software, custom server configuration).
Or you need better control over your users.

Maybe you are a developer helping your clients to design and host their own websites. Using VPS you have much more freedom giving access and rights to your users.


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