M3Server Review

M3Server ReviewM3Server was founded in 1996. This gives them a ton of experience and focus in the VPS Hosting field.

Therefore, it’s no surprise, that M3Server provide a truly awesome service. You can find out just how awesome by reading this in-depth M3Server review.


Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.0
Support and Features 7.0


  • 99,9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Great Geographical Coverage


  • Only Fully Managed Hosting

M3Server Review Summary

M3 Server is a VPS provider since 1996. They offer their fully managed services with experienced, dedicated support. With many great features and numerous plans to choose from, anyone can find a service that suits them.

Pricing and Plans

Their base pricing ranges from $15 to $200/month depending on your requirements. Of course, with plan customization, it’s possible to find anything in between, and even push your monthly costs to well over $1000/month!

The only thing that’s a bit disappointing when it comes to their pricing is the fact that it’s hard to visualize and navigate through the different options.


VPS Hosting

Their base VPS hosting options range from $15/month to $100/month. These are very competitive prices, and if you check the features, you’ll also see that you get a solid offering for this price.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicate Bare Metal Servers range from $200 to just under $800. As with VPS services, these are customizable, and you could end up paying considerably more. Depending on which option you choose there might also be an additional $50 setup fee. Of course, this is more likely for smaller plans.

Additional Services

Apart from VPS and Dedicate services, M3Server offers a host of other services you can buy. These are; SSL Certificates, CDNs, AdServers, and Website Monitoring. These range from the $20 to around $100. Though AdServers can go to $650/month as well. Having a brief look at these, we can say that their prices are reasonable and on par with the market. 

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Like with most VPS hosting services, M3Server offers plenty of customization options and features. Unlike many hosting companies though, they do offer a range of additional services, which makes their offering unique and attractive.

M3Server Features

VPS Hosting

Two types of VPS hosting are available at M3server, the High and the SSD Performance. Both come with 4 plans to choose from, with redundant power supplies, fault-tolerant high-performance RAID 10 disk subsystems and Intel® Xeon® Processors, free setup, unlimited domains, a lot of applications and many more great features.

The High-Performance plans cost $20 to $100/month as mentioned. You can choose from 30 GB storage, 768 MB RAM, 2 CPU’s and 5 TB transfer to 300 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU’s and 10 TB transfer. The SSD Performance plans cost the same. The plans are available from  20 GB SSD storage, 768 MB RAM, 2 CPU’s and 5 TB transfer to 80 GB SSD storage, 6 GB RAM, 6 CPU’s and 10 TB transfer.

Dedicated Hosting

You can choose Dedicated Servers at M3 Server in 4 different categories; Business, Extreme, SSD or MicroServers. The cheapest one is the Business R410 plan, which gives you Quad-Core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB disk space and 30 Mbps speed for $200/month with $50 setup fee.

If you need more, you can choose the M3XS-D3, Extreme Performance plan, with Dual Six-Core CPU, 64 GB RAM, 8 TB storage and 300 Mbps speed for $779/month with no setup fee. For more speed and the same price you can get the M3XS-SD3 SSD plan, with Dual Six-Core CPU, 64 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage and 300 Mbps speed, with no setup fee.

All the plans come with 2 IP’s, the latest M3 Server Control Panel, off-site server backups, a lot of applications and many more really nice features.

Additional Services

Alongside the VPS and dedicated hosting, M3Server offers some additional services. Most notable of these are SSL, CDNs, AdServers, and Elevated X hosting.


SSL is essential these days. Not only does SSL provide your users with a sense of reassurance/ confidence, it also helps your SEO. Their SSL plans are ones that you would find anywhere else and for roughly the same price. If you’re running a larger website, then we’d definitely recommend getting a high level SSL certificate, but if you’re just starting out you can set up Really Simple SSL for free yourself.


The CDNs are good value for money, though if you’re starting out, there are cheaper options and bundles by other providers. If you’re planning on running a global website then a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is essential and it always makes life easier if your hosting provider is also your CDN provider.


AdServers help publishers provide better advertising for their customers, and at the same time also generate more income for themselves. It’s a niche topic, and since we’re not experts in it, we’ll let you explore this offering.

Elevated X

Interestingly enough M3Server also offers Elevated X hosting. Elevated X is a platform dedicated to adult content and helping run adult websites. Not many hosting providers optimize for this, so if this is what you’re looking for then make sure you check out M3 Server.

On the whole, they offer a whole plethora of features and you should definitely have a look at them. 

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M3Server has data centers in Europe and the US. Depending on which plan you choose, you might only be able to have access to one of these locations. The data centers are in California, Utah, Missouri, Virginia, Washington DC, Amsterdam, and London. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find out more information about their datacenters (such as their security systems), which is a shame. This is less of an issue for small companies but might put big customers off.


M3Server Support

You can use M3 Server’s excellent blog and knowledge base, or you can contact their dedicated support via ticket or e-mail 24/7. With 99.9% uptime guarantee and great services they receive really good user reviews. 


In this M3 Server review, we found that they have good plans for good prices for you. Although they don’t have live phone support they are fast to reply to the e-mails and support tickets. On the whole a pretty solid hosting solution for small and medium business, but larger companies might wish to look elsewhere.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We participate in M3 Server’s affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our reviews and rankings.

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