HTML 5.2 became a W3C recommendation

The Web Platform Working Group has published the W3C recommendation of the HTML 5.2 specification. The new version is the 5th major version, second minor revision of the HTML language. New features are introduced, with a few removed and as expected a handful  bug fixes. With the release of 5.2 they also published a FIRST Public Working Draft of the 5.3 version of HTML.

The new features include the new dialog element, which now can be made visible or hidden with only one method call or can be made modal. Integration with the Javascript module system of ECMA-262 was also introduced along with the Referrer policy.

Updates Aria reference to wai-aria-1.1 introduces new features to improve accessibility. As used in CSP3 nonce attribute is available for link. You can now use the canonical value for the rel attribute of links. For secure-contexts the noreferrer link type is available.

The features removed include keygen, menu and menuitem elements, as well as the showModalDialog method. The Plugin API has been marked as obsolete in this new version.

Quite a lot of items in the list of bug fixes. Media resource requests from non-network sources now stop delaying the load event. The arbitrary upper limits on refresh rates has been removed. Coordinates for ismap no longer include the image’s border, and accesskey definition now requires a single printable character.

The algorithm was fixed for summary to match reality and also the algorithm to determine the row and column headers for table. Now a few constructions are valid in the new version, as style within the body, multiple main elements in the DOM, the presentation for the img element or div as a child of a dl element/a descendant of an li element that contains a definition of the term defined. However role values for a caption element is no longer valid along content with the HTML4 or XHMTL1 strict doctype.

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