How does Coronavirus impact your VPS needs?


The World is now a completely different place. Most of us stay home to avoid getting infected or infect others. Which is good, and safe, and everyone who can do it, should do it. However, staying home sets a whole bunch of new challenges for us. How can I be productive at home? What are the best solutions for a home office? What kind of web hosting solution should I use for the best result, for the best value for money? Keep reading our tips and tricks, and share with us in the comments if we missed something useful.

For online businesses

Coronavirus_vpsAs people stay home, and stores and supermarkets have shorter opening hours, online shopping gets more and more popular. Which means a bigger load on your website, webshop. Keep an eye on your server’s parameters, be ready to change the service in need of more resources. In the graphs, you can observe consumer actions in march. If you have related webshop or business, be prepared.

For home office

Only renting a powerful machine instead of buying one is an obvious win. There are tons of different hosting solutions on the VPS market, you will always find the one tailored to your needs. Get something powerful for heavy-duty jobs, simulations for example. Or just some simple, cheap solution for a blog. Be creative and brave, and examine more services. Almost every VPS provider gives you free trial anyway, so you can start more experiments as well.

For entertainment

There are many opportunities to make this challenging time at home effective or fun. For example, you have the chance to organize your family photos and videos, and upload them to a safe location. There are many providers offering storage for a favorable price. It is safer and more reliable than storing them on your computer at home. Not to mention the accessibility not only for you but also for anyone you want. If you want to just have some fun and entertain yourself, you can play videogames even if you don’t have the required hardware. Many providers offer GPU servers with high performance for that.

Be sure to check out our comparison articles, to choose the best solution regarding your location. Or you can use our comparing tool to search for service with the exact parameters for your need.


We are participating in all of the providers’ affiliate programs in this comparison, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion.

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