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Hostwinds started in 2010, with the goal to change the hosting industry and to introduce a new set of standards. The idea materialized after they saw that there are two big kind of hosting companies. One that offers hosting for a really low price, but with sub-standard service and support, and the exact opposite, excellent service and support for premium prices. They took the best of the two extremes and founded Hostwinds. They offer great and plenty options for VPS hosting, with really nice features.

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Shared Hosting

In their shared hosting plans you can find three options that you can choose from. You can choose the Basic ($6,5/month) , Advanced ($7,5/month) or the Ultimate ($8,5/month) plan. The difference between these plans are the number of add-on domains they contain. You get zero with the Basic plan, three with the Advanced and unlimited with the Ultimate plan.

They include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, sub-domains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts with the plans. You can also enjoy Softaculous, instant free setup and free Web CEO account to help you with your hosting. The latest cPanel is included as well, also hotlink protection, IP deny manager, Redirect URLs and many more. There are also similar named plans for Business Web Hosting, which seems like shared hosting with more power. Also nightly backups helps you in shared hosting if you need to restore your server to a previous state.

VPS Hosting

If you want to choose a VPS server for your hosting needs, there are a lot of options to choose from. The first category at Hostwinds is Budget VPS Hosting for anyone who wants to enjoy the features of a VPS server, but does not need too much power or doesn’t want to spend a lot. You can start from Tier 1 with 0,5 vcores with 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage for $7,5/month and go up to Tier 10 with 5 vcores with 12 GB RAM and 300 GB storage space. All the features are the same for any type of VPS hosting so we will list those later.

The next category is the Enterprise VPS servers. In this category you can start at Tier 1 with a single core with 1 GB RAM and 50 GB storage for $13,5/month and go up to 5 cores with 15 GB RAM and 200 GB storage space in Tier 10 for $105,5/month. You can choose Windows VPS hosting where the prices and the specifications are the same as in the Enterprise category.

If you want your data to be on SSD, you can choose from the SSD Linux and SSD Windows VPS plans. The SSD Linux starts at Tier 1 with a single core with 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage for $13,5/month and you can upgrade up to Tier 12 with 6 cores with 18,5 GB RAM and 130 GB storage for $129,5/month.

All of these plans feature a 100 Gbps+ global network, 100% network uptime SLA, DDOS protection, 24/7/365 monitoring and 5 minute guaranteed incident response. They promise to change hardware within one hour if any failure happens. For the Operating System you can choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE for the Linux plans. For the Windows variants you can choose from Windows 2008 and 2012. You can instantly scale up or down you server from the client area, but a reboot is required during the upgrade process, so there will be a little downtime in your hosting. You can enjoy nightly backups of your server and full management. All of the VPS servers are running on Xeon E5-2670 series CPUs and the storage is in RAID-10.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are not an easy choice, because they are expensive and hard to upgrade. Basically they have to physically put more hardware in your system to increase the performance. So you have to be careful choosing the specifications for this. Thankfully there are a lot of options with heavy customization at Hostwinds to do this. You can either go for a fully customized experience, where you can choose every little detail of your server.

You can choose from Intel’s E3-1271 V3 (base cost: $100/month), E5-1620 V3 (base cost: $165/month) or an E5-2620 V2 (base cost: $175/month). They also have Bargain Bin Servers with preset options. In this you can start with a dual Xeon L5420’s running on 2,5 GHz with 24 GB RAM and 1 TB Enterprise grade SATA storage for $100/month. If you want more power you can go up to a dual Xeon E5-2620 V2 running on 2,67 GHz with 96 GB of RAM and 8 500 GB SSD for storage for $750/month.

Data Centers and Support

Hostwinds have their data centers located in Dallas and Seattle. Both data centers have fully redundant network and power connectivity. The data centers are guarded with 24/7 armed security, all entrances are secured with check in stations, and the whole area has recorded video surveillance. Both of the data centers are monitored by a 24 hour staff.

You can reach their support with a toll free phone call, you can open a ticket in their system or use the live chat. They have an average response time of 7 minutes for the tickets, 60 seconds for the live chat and 15 seconds hold time for the phone calls. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with 60 day money back guarantee available. Their web site is good looking and easy to navigate on. The user’s feedback is great and mostly lack negative comments. If you will choose them you will enjoy fast and helpful support.

In this Hostwinds review we found that they have a lot of good plans to choose from and a 60 day money back guarantee, but sadly their data centers are only in the United States.


We are participating in Hostwinds’s affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our Hostwinds review.

  • Excellent prices
  • Great and plenty options for VPS hosting
  • Lot of good features
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Data centers only in the U.S.
  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • Support and Features
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  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • Support and Features

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