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Hostripples is a many-sided VPS provider with 5 years of experience in the web hosting market. They offer many different solutions related to web hosting, such as 5 types of VPS services, 4 types of shared hosting, 3 types of reseller hosting, dedicated servers, gaming servers, e-mail hosting, etc.

We are quite sure, that one can have any kind of need for hosting, they provide the suited solution. Not to mention Hostripples great geographical coverage, they have data centers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, India, and Singapore. They are headquartered in Middletown (Delaware), U.S. and Nashik (Maharashtra), India.

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Hostripples’ VPS plans

There are 7 different XEN Linux plans available in India, with Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. For $25/year you get 2 CPU cores, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, and 100 GB bandwidth. The top plan comes with 10 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and 3 TB bandwidth for $95/month.

They offer you the same plans in Canada, with an extra option for $150/month with 12 CPU cores, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, and unlimited bandwidth. There are OpenVZ Linux available as well in Canada, France, and India. The plans go from $8/month to $25/month. You can order VPS plans with SSD as well in Canada, France, Australia, and Singapore.

They offer you 3 or 4 different plans at all locations with root access, 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 from $15/month to $120/month. Check out Hostripples cheap Cloud VPS and cheap High RAM Cloud solutions as well with Linux and Windows OS’s available.

Hostripples’ Shared Hosting plans

There are many options to choose from at Hostripples. You can order shared hosting plans with SSD space for $2.99/month in India, UK, and Poland. They offer you unlimited FTP and e-mail accounts, 2 GB RAM, 5 GB storage (20 GB in India) and unlimited bandwidth (20 GB in India).

There are Linux and Windows plans, from $1/month to $12/month with unlimited webspace, FTP and e-mail accounts, no setup fee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out Hostripples JSP/Tomcat and Business hosting plans as well.

Hostripples’ Dedicated Servers

Hostripples offers you a lot of options in terms of dedicated servers. Only in Canada, you can choose from 18 different plans, from $75/month to $515/month. In the U.S. there are 10 different plans, from $80/month to $300/month. There are Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian available for OS, you can control and manage your server with total autonomy.

There are more plans accessible in Australia, Singapore, France, UK, and India from $90/month to $208/month with different parameters. Take a look at Hostripples’ gaming server as well, with SSD and powerful CPU and GPU for an affordable price.

Support and other features

Hostripples has a great support team, you can reach them 24/7 by phone, live chat, e-mail and support ticket. They received really good reviews. You also find useful materials in their knowledge base, check out their forum and blog as well for more information. As we mentioned earlier, Hostripples has many data centers around the globe, they ensure really great geographical coverage.

In this Hostripples review, we found that they offer a lot of plans with good pricing and a great support team to back it up. Sadly they only have data centers for VPS plans in India and Canada, but they seem to be really popular in India.


We are participating in Hostripples’ affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our HostRipples review.

  • competitive pricing
  • many options to choose from
  • premium 24/7 support
  • low geographical coverage
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  1. mark brown 4 years ago

    I completely agree with your thoughts, I am also using Hostripples Linux cloud VPS plan from last year and it has been performing pretty well till now with no major issues to deal with.

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