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On the 20th September DigitalOcean launched their new scalable object storage called Spaces. It is a simple, standalone object storage that enables developers to store and serve any amount of data with automatic scalability, performance, and reliability. This was a frequently requested product they’ve been asked to develop.


Spaces is designed to scale automatically as your application data grows, you won’t need to worry about scaling any storage infrastructure. It can be accessible from anywhere around the world, or you can configure it to be reachable only by the users with permission.

The goal was to deliver a simple storage with a clean design. You can create your own storage in just two clicks, use drag-and-drop interface and use multi-select capabilities. You can also change permissions and metadata for as many files as you desire. Spaces is available in the NYC3 region and will be rolled out in AMS3 before the end of 2017, with more regions to follow.

Your files are encrypted on physical disks with 256-bit AES-XTS full disk encryption. You can also encrypt your own data before uploading them. The data will be stored using a fault-tolerant placement technique called erasure coding to ensure that you will not experience any data loss.

Spaces is designed to provide high availability for storing and serving web assets, media, backups, log files, and application data. During the early access period almost 90,000 developers and businesses signed up to try Spaces.

The pricing is very welcoming starting at $5/month for 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound data transferred. Additional storage is available at $0.02 per GB stored and additional $0.01 per GB transferred. If you want to try it there is a 2 months trial period for free!



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