Contabo Review

Contabo ReviewContabo is a VPS provider based in Munich, Germany. Therefore, they only have datacenters in Germany.

However, if you’re looking for German VPS hosting, then by reading this Contabo review, you can decide whether they are right for you or not.


Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.0
Support and Features 7.0


  • Great plans, for super prices
  • No setup fees
  • Discount for yearly purchase


  • Only for Germany
  • No 24/7 support

Contabo Review Summary

Contabo is a VPS provider based in Munich, Germany, founded in the spring of 2003 by two partners. They have 4000 servers in Munich, which is also their place of business. Their other data center is in Nuremberg, with another 10.000 servers on a 1.700 m² data floor. Contabo has presence only in Germany, but even so they have customers from all over the world. They offer plans with premium hardware at affordable prices.

Pricing and Plans

There are 6 VPS plans available, 3 of them comes with HDD with SSD boost, the other 3 are 100% SSDs for the best possible read-write speed. As usual these days, there’s also no setup fees, unless you’re looking for very dedicated options.

Contabo Pricing

Web Hosting

For web hosting, you can choose from 4 different plans – ranging from Webspace M to Webspace XXL. These range in price from €2.99 to €9.99. If, like most website operators, you’re looking to create a WordPress site, then Contabo won’t be your best option. However, depending on what you plan to do, their pricing might be just for you.

VPS Hosting

Their VPS hosting plans range from €3.99 to €26.99 and upwards. AS we discuss under features, these plans are good value for money. If you purchase for a whole year, you will get one month free. 

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers range from €49.99 to €129.99 and upwards. With customization, you can even reach monthly prices of €1000 and upwards. These range from simple i7 servers to Xeons and have a broad range of customizations available. If the pricing attracts you, then check out the Features to see if those are to your suiting.

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All of the plans come with 1 IP address, unlimited traffic, Linux or Windows OS and 100 Gbit/s upstream.

Contabo Features

Web Hosting

They offer you four different plans; all come with unlimited traffic, DDoS protection, PHP support, and many more useful features. You can get the Webspace Package M, with 50 GB storage, 1000 e-mail addresses, 1000 FTP users, 20 MySQL databases and one domain.

The top, the XXL plan comes with 500 GB storage, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited FTP users, unlimited MySQL databases and three domains.

VPS Hosting

There are 6 VPS plans available, 3 of them comes with HDD with SSD boost, the other 3 are 100% SSDs for the best possible read-write speed. You can order the VPS M package, with two cores, 6 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD-boosted disk storage and a 100 Mbit/s port. For 26,99 EUR/month you can get the top plan, with 10 cores (Intel® Xeon® 4114, E5-2630v4 or E5-2620v3), 50 GB RAM, 1200 GB SSD disk storage and 1 Gbit/s port. 

You can choose Linux or Windows Server 2012 for the operating system. In your plan, you get full root access with an OS reinstall console and VNC access. Furthermore, there is an included IPv6 /64 IP address, and you can purchase more if you need it. The full SSD plans come with included snapshots, so you can recover your server if there are any problems. Good networking comes with the plans, 100Mbit/s on each port (1Gbit/s on the XL plans) and unlimited data.

Dedicated Hosting

You can choose from 5 different servers, all of them come with DDoS protection, 100 Gbit/s upstream, 1 IP address, unlimited traffic, and Windows or Linux operating systems. The plans are available from 49,99 EUR/month, with Intel Core i7 (4 x 2,66 GHz), 12 GB RAM, 2000 GB storage and 100 Mbit/s port.

The top plan comes with 1-2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 1-2 x (10 x 2.20 GHz), 256 GB REG ECC RAM, any combination of SSD/HDDs available for storage and 1 Gbit/s port for 109,99 EUR/month.

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As mentioned, Contabo only has data centers in Germany. The ultra-modern “green data center“ in Munich was constructed and built by Contabo in 2009 and has enough room for 4,000 servers. The second data center in Nuremberg was launched in 2014, and it offers space for another 10,000 dedicated servers. On both locations, the office rooms are in the same building, only one level above the data floor.

Both data centers are state of the art, especially when it comes to operational safety and energy efficiency. Contabo invests significant amounts in the maintenance and optimization of the entire data center infrastructure every year. 


Contabo Support

You can reach their support over e-mail or on the phone (only from 8 am to 11 pm UTC+1). In addition, you can find FAQ and tutorials on their website if you run into any trouble during your hosting. User reviews are excellent, praising their great value and friendly, professional support. Don’t let the tight geographical coverage frighten you. If you are looking for a hosting company in Europe, they have the best-valued plans out there.


In this Contabo Review, we found that they offer grand plans for excellent prices. Unfortunately, they only have servers in Germany and their support could do with some improvement. However, if these don’t deter you, then we’d definitely recommend giving them a go.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We participate in Contabo’s affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our reviews and rankings.

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