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A2 Hosting offers you a service that they would use themselves. They are a developer friendly web hosting company, who started back in 2003. A2 Hosting offer “screaming fast page loads”, “superb 24/7/365 guru tech crew”, amazing uptime and the best developer tools.

They developed the SwiftServer platform, a high-performance solution to help your site succeed. You can even top that with the option to choose the Turbo Servers for “page loads up to 20X faster than competing web hosting companies”!

They know that if you have a problem, you want to talk to a real person instead a bot. They hand-picked their support team and only choose the best and most friendly technicians to help you in your troubles. The 99,9% uptime commitment promises that you will have your site running, and not missing any visitors.

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Data Centers

A2 Hosting exclusively owns all of their data centers. That means, that they can monitor every feature of the core of your website. They have the data centers located in U.S. – Michigan, Europe – Amsterdam and Asia – Singapore, so you and your users can access your server as fast as possible. You can test the data center’s speed by either a 100 MB file download test or V-Speed (a third party speed test).

All of their servers have redundant network and power supply set up, so if any accident happens the service still goes on. The server is certified under the SSAE16 standard to provide the highest quality service for you. For physical data center security the use security key entry for all areas and video surveillance.

Shared Hosting

For the shared hosting plans you can start with the Lite plan for $3,96/month with one core running at 2,1 GHz and 500 MB physical memory (4 GB virtual memory). If you want more power you can go up to the Turbo plan with 2 cores running on 2,1 GHz and 2 GB physical memory (8 GB virtual). All of the shared hosting plans features SSD storage, so you can access your data faster and free site migration.

Anything up from Lite also includes server rewind backups, so you can restore a previous state of your server if anything goes wrong. You can have access to a lot of great developer features like PHP 5.3 to 7.1 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Apache 2.2, Ruby 1.8 and more. With preinstalled images you can have the most popular features installed with one click.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose from unmanaged, managed and managed with root access. In the unmanaged version you can start from 1 core with 512 MB memory with 20 GB storage for $5/month and you can go up to 12 cores with 32 GB RAM and 250 GB storage for $371,6/month. For the operating system you can choose from CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Slackware, Ubuntu and Gentoo. You can really tweak you resources of your VPS server so you only pay for what you need.

In the managed version you can start at the Power+ plan with 4 CPUs with 4 GB RAM and 75 GB of RAID-10 storage for $33/month. For more performance for your VPS you can upgrade to the Pinnacle+ plan with 8 CPUs, 8 GB RAM and 150 GB of storage.

In all of the plans you can enable Turbo Boost and Turbo Cache to boost your performance even more. All the great features and developer options are also available like in the shared hosting plans. The VPS hosting is available in cloud version as well, but these servers are available only in the Michigan data center. The price ranges from $50/month up to $305,5/month. You can enjoy all the great features here as well, and the scalability is really nice as we seen in the unmanaged VPS solutions.

Dedicated Servers

Also a lot of option to go for in the dedicated server’s world at A2 Hosting. The unmanaged dedicated server section starts at dual core Intel i3 running at 3,1 GHz with 8 GB RAM and 2×500 GB Raid-10 storage for $100/month. The top of the unmanaged dedicated server option is a dual processor Xeon E5 running at 2,1+ GHz with 16 GB RAM (upgradable to 512 GB) and 2 TB of Raid-10 storage for $249,4/month. If you want these options with full management you can chose servers with similar specifications, the cheaper one from $141,3/month and the top performance one from $290,9/month. All of the dedicated server plans are benefiting from the great features we seen before.

Support and features

You can reach their support over a phone call, you can use the live chat, send an email or you can open a support ticket. Their reviews are full of praise, especially regarding the support team. You already know it, but a good support is the most important thing, if you are hosting a website. If something happens you need to be able to get it back up as soon as possible. The users are really fond of their fast and professional team.

In this A2 Hosting review we found that they offer plans for great prices with good features and superb support. However their phone support is only free in the United States.


We are participating in A2 Hosting’s affiliate program, but that does not affect any ranking or facts. We always give our own, honest opinion in our A2 Hosting review.

  • Great price
  • Full of good features
  • Developer friendly
  • Superb support team
  • No free phone support outside the United States
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